Passionately spreading the good news of God for the joy of all generations and the global fame of Jesus

Welcome to Generation Church. We are a new church in South County, Rhode Island. No matter your reservations with religion, no matter your age, no matter your past, and no matter how far you feel from God, we believe there is still good news for everyone. Jesus is good, his unfailing love endures forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.

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The Unstoppable Movement

We believe that there are greater days ahead in Rhode Island. The movement of Jesus is unstoppable. God our Father, and Jesus our Redeemer and King through the power of the Holy Spirit has come to rescue and revive the people of God. A people passionate to see the name of Jesus honored as holy and awesome. A people in awe of the beauty of his holiness. A people joyfully dependent on God in everything and for everything. A people called to be a blessing within South County, Rhode Island and beyond. A people empowered by the Spirit with a kingdom mission to make disciples and spread the global fame of Jesus in each generation. May we be a part of God's unstoppable movement.