Passionately spreading the good news of God for the joy of all generations and the global fame of Jesus

Welcome to Generation Church. We are a new church in South County, Rhode Island. No matter your reservations with religion, no matter your age, no matter your past, and no matter how far you feel from God, we believe there is still good news for everyone. Jesus is good, his unfailing love endures forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.

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Movement | Rediscovering Jesus

In the twenty first century many people are confused, have varied assumptions or understandable questions about Jesus. The spectrum of the views on Jesus seem to be endless. In this sermon series we are looking at the credible and historical account of the movement of Jesus through Mark with the hope that we will rediscover Jesus both in the first century and in our time. In this sermon we look at how Jesus not only cares and heals the sick and the dying but claims to be the one true God who has the power to completely forgive sins. We are reminded again that the movement of Jesus is the greatest news in the world.